Eufora National Trainer Dana Hodges-Caschetta shares her Eufora Stylist of the Year Awards Journey


Meet Eufora National Trainer Dana Hodges-Caschetta…

“I’ve been behind the chair for almost 15 years and an educator for Eufora for 10 years now. Having Eufora early on in my career has taught me the value of education and through that gave me the tools and confidence in my skill set.”

Follow Dana on Instagram:  @danacash_

Follow Dana on Instagram: @danacash_

Describe your first SOYA entry?

“Chaotic, overwhelming, and scary! I remember not knowing how I was going to do it, but just knowing I wanted to enter. I was crazy enough to think I could shoot three collections with nine models all in ONE DAY! Looking back it was chaotic and tiring but all in all an incredible learning experience.”

Did you enter more than once?

“Well just in my first year I entered in 3 categories (Avant Garde, Contemporary Classic, and Makeover), but yes I entered SOYA the following year after I won third place in Avant Garde and did not qualify as a finalist.”

2017 NAHA Entry

2017 NAHA Entry

What inspired you to enter SOYA?

“It was my very first Eufora Global Connection, about 11 or so years ago, and I was so inspired during the evening of the Stylist of the Year Awards. All of the winning collections were so beautiful and it was my first time seeing work photographed in this way. I felt inspired and creative and wanted to enter immediately!”

What inspired your collection?

“I was super inspired by previous SOYA winners and the Avant Garde category in particular. I loved how extreme the images were and I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and create something I had never done before. To be honest, I didn’t have one particular inspiration- which is very apparent in my collection! I didn’t learn the importance of that yet! ;)”

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

“Just do it. For years I wanted to enter NAHA before I did. The time will never be perfect, you will plan for weeks and months and something will still happen last minute. You have to start somewhere, even if you think you’re “not good enough”, just do it. The reward is so much greater than the stress!”


Did you have a mentor when you entered SOYA? 

“Katherine Riley, although not a hairdresser, has been a mentor to me in many ways. I think she decided I was entering SOYA before I did! She supported me during the process of casting talent and was always there during shoot days. We learned the process together but having her support and guidance was crucial to my journey.

I had other ‘mentors’ that I looked up to or that inspired me from a far. I think it’s important to acknowledge that because if you do not have a mentor but someone has inspired to do something different they are just as impactful - and you should probably reach out to them if possible!”

2017 NAHA Entry

2017 NAHA Entry

What did it mean to you when you won?

“I was in disbelief! I remember standing up on stage amongst great talents and felt so honored. It was a rewarding feeling for sure but the whole experience of entering is a rewarding feeling!”

2017 NAHA Entry

2017 NAHA Entry

How did entering SOYA prepare/inspire/cultivate you entering NAHA?

“Entering SOYA gave me so much more than I would have imagined. It gave me the hands on experience of preparation and execution of a photo shoot. It taught me to be adaptable and that there is always an ebb and flow to the creative process. But most of all it cultivated a passion in me for photo competitions that I never knew I had! Achieving a goal like entering SOYA will always result in a evolving as an artist (win or lose); and for me, gave me the push I needed to go on towards entering NAHA.”


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